e-SOFTA Downloads

Here you can download the e-SOFTA computer program as well as a series of training videos. For additional information, contact help@softa-soatif.com

e-SOFTA program Training Videos


  1. The downloading process will begin by transferring to your computer the instalations file for SOFTA. Version: Mac OS or Windows
  2. Two JAVA applications are needed to use the e-SOFTA: Java Runtime Environment and VLC. Both of these applications are needed to use e-softa.  If you already have them both installed on your computer, you can go ahead and install the e-SOFTA now. However, if your computer doesn’t have the applications, you should download them (from the links we offer you here) before installing the e-SOFTA.
  3. In order to use e-SOFTA, once it is installed, THE SCREEN RESOLUTION MUST BE AT 1024 X 768 PIXELS . (If your screen resolution is lower and you are using Windows, you have to go to My Computer, Control Panel,  Display Properties, and then Settings in order to change the screen resolution.)  Note that if the screen resolution is not correct before opening e-SOFTA, you will not see the entire e-SOFTA screen.  If this happens, simply close e-SOFTA, change the screen settings, and re-start.
  4. The first step in using e-SOFTA is to navigate the TUTORIAL (The Tutorial is on this web-site and also within the Help menu of the program). We recommend that you  start by opening the TRAINING file (under “File,” go to “Training”).  Under Training, you will be able to begin using the  training vignettes to learn the e-SOFTA.

Download Java Run Environment (if you do not have it on your computer)


VLC Player

Download the free VLC Player

VLC for Windows
VLC for Mac OS


Download the e-SOFTA, available for Windows and Mac OS:

e-SOFTA for Windows
e-SOFTA for Mac OS


Download video sessions

All of the training vignettes are role plays with actors, and none of the clinical material is from actual cases.

Important conditions:

  1. Downloading the files you have below will transfer to your computer files with the “.zip” extension that you will have to unzip using the Winzip program. Each of the .zip files contains: (a) a video,  (b) a document (extension .doc) with the solution for the practice –behavioral indicators marked, times, and comments-, and (c) a SFC file to analyze the video with e-SOFTA.
  2. To use the videos WITHIN THE E-SOFTA COMPUTER PROGRAM, you will need BOTH the VIDEO vignettes (extension “.mov”) and the e-SOFTA FILES (extension “.sfc”). The Tutorial explains how to do this. Very Important: When you are asked to save the videos and the e-SOFTA files, put them in SOFTA EXAMPLES FOLDER (by default: C:Program filessofta modelsoftaexamples).
  3. To use the videos with the PENCIL-AND-PAPER version of the SOFTA-o, you need the VIDEOS (extension “.mov”) and the SOLUTION files (files with the extension “.doc”).

The videos will help you learn and train yourself to use the SOFTA.

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